Hello everyone!
So this is going to be my first article and the first post after a while (since 2015).
I hope you'll enjoy it.

My full name is İlayda Demir and i'll be 16 this year. I'm Turkish and i live in Istanbul, Turkey. I speak Turkish, English and French. I've been still learning French, i am a student at Saint Benoît French Highschool.

So let's see how i enjoy my life;
I try to spend my time with what i love the most. I've been dancing for 7 years; 2 years of ballet, 7 years of jazz and contemporary. I love to draw, mostly fashion scetches. I LOVE fashion. I think i have my own style, but im still working on showing it out better.
I love music, i think i have a good taste in music. In english or in turkish, i listen mostly the old, vintage musicians. I'm a lover of alternative pop and classical music. I love to search about politics of my country.

So some of my role models are; Atatürk, my dance teacher, Pina Bausch, Coco Chanel and my father..

I am someone who loves to dream and i also work hard to achieve my goals.

I love my life, and i am always motivated for the positive things. I love to smile and enjoy the little things, i love to help people and animals..

Thank you!
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