I'm back with another article! Because school started (for like two weeks already) again and I've a testweek next week, I wanted to write about how you can be succesful in school. These are the things I do to get okay/good grades.


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You need to install this app if you've problems with learning words or symbols. I always use this app for all my language classes and even History and Geography! I swear my grades for all the languages are so much better since I started using this app/site.

Take notes

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I know being lazy in class is an easy thing and that will make you feel relaxed, but I promise you that as soon as you come home you'll stress for that test because you didn't take notes in class.
Taking notes in class will help you organizing the things you need to learn for a test. It will also help you remember the things you write down because when you write something down you'll remember it easier.

Try to study every day

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I know it's hard, I know it's boring. But really, even studying for ten minutes will make a difference. And if every day is too much for you, then at least try to start studying for a test 3 days before. It will make you stress less and remember things easier.

Take breaks while you study

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While you study, make sure you take 5 minutes breaks. Eat a snack, drink water or watch a few minutes of your favorite series. It's unhealthy to study for 2 hours straight without taking a break and it will make you feel exhausted.

Find a place you can study

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Believe me, a messy desk will only get you from your work. If your room is messy, study elsewhere. And don't forget to shut down your phone! Your phone means distraction and that's not good for your concentration!!

School does not define who you are

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My last advice. Please, please, please remember that a bad grade or low score doesn't define who you are as a person. Nobody is perfect at school, nobody has perfect grades. We all have our weak spots, no matter if it's History or Math, it doesn't define who you are. Take care of yourself and your health and please do not let a low score destroy you.

This were my tips, I hope it helps you! Have a great day & see you next time.

PS: If you have any questions, or if you want to talk to someone please don't be scared to message me! I love meeting new people and helping them!