Hello there.

So, it was New Years and I was at a party with my friends. We there chilling, dancing and having lots of fun. With us there was this boy with whom I have been friends for about four months.
Well, obviously, I liked him, like a lot! He was sweet funny handsome and so smart.
I was drunk that night and I was feeling so confident for some reason.
So at some point when we where alone I told him that I liked him and he answered with: "It's not that I don't like you, but right now it's not the right time".
Then he left the party and we didn't talk for like a week.

So it was Monday afternoon when I got I text from him saying that he wanted to meet me and talk.
So I got ready quickly and 10' after he was waiting for me outside my house.
We started walking around and well yeah I got rejected. But he hugged me and told me that I'm an amazing person and he likes me so much and that he would love to stay friends. I said yes and after that, I went back to my apartment and started crying.

Now after a week, I have realized that it's okay that he didn't like me. That matters are those warm feelings I felt for him and I'm so happy that I liked him because of how nice he was with me.

That's what matters.

Now we are better that ever, having fun and being good friends.

[Anemone- the flower that symbolizes forsake love]