so, here are some random facts about me, that I would like to share with you.

° at the moment, I live in germany,

austria, I Love You, and cookie image love, kiss, and art image

but I would like to move to california or iceland after school.

iceland, landscape, and nature image travel, city, and palm trees image

° I´m hopelessly addicted to romance.

titanic, kate winslet, and leonardo dicaprio image gossip girl, love, and chuck bass image

° I can´t wait to move in my own apartment someday.

room, bedroom, and bed image design, house, and home image

°I`m a muslim girl and I wear a hijab.

hijab, istanbul, and turkey image girl, hijab, and محجبات image


girl, fashion, and photo image camera, black and white, and photography image

°I would like to own two cats... and a turtle.

cat, cute, and animal image cat, cute, and snow image animal, turtle, and baby image turtle, cute, and beach image
look. at. them.

°I love love love make up.

makeup, beauty, and lipstick image makeup, too faced, and beauty image

° most of the time, I´m a very calm Person, but sometimes... run.

calm down, fuck you, and never tell a woman image talk, baby, and angry image

°I love boys, I have so many crushes on celebrities and actors and models, it´s unbelievable

reece king and boy image nash grier, hayes grier, and magcon image boy, smile, and mikey murphy image beard, man, and Hot image
honestly, it was really hard to choose,

° I adore harry potter.

harry potter, hermione granger, and friends image harry potter, hogwarts, and hogwarts express image
it´s just.. wow.

°someday, I´ll open a coffee shop, where you can chill and read books.

book, coffee, and tea image book, bookshop, and vintage image
for those who watched pretty little liars, I want something just like ezra´s brew, where the Girls always met.

hope you liked it, byee
xx nisrine