so, here are some random facts about me, that I would like to share with you.

° at the moment, I live in germany,

cookie art

but I would like to move to california or iceland after school.

Superthumb city

° I´m hopelessly addicted to romance.

jack black and white

° I can´t wait to move in my own apartment someday.

bed design

°I`m a muslim girl and I wear a hijab.

Superthumb girl


amazing black and white

°I would like to own two cats... and a turtle.

animal animal animal animal
look. at. them.

°I love love love make up.

beauty beauty

° most of the time, I´m a very calm Person, but sometimes... run.

angry angry

°I love boys, I have so many crushes on celebrities and actors and models, it´s unbelievable

boy black and white boy beard
honestly, it was really hard to choose,

° I adore harry potter.

daniel radcliffe harry potter
it´s just.. wow.

°someday, I´ll open a coffee shop, where you can chill and read books.

book book
for those who watched pretty little liars, I want something just like ezra´s brew, where the Girls always met.

hope you liked it, byee
xx nisrine