it was hard deciding the title for this article cause i'm still not quite sure of the purpose of it. i just want to share with you those little things in life that i found truly beautiful and that make my heart warm.

aesthetic beauty aesthetic aesthetic
sunlight coming through curtains and windows
anime Superthumb
the smell and sound of rain and the sea
flowers aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
simple and pretty flowers
aesthetic aesthetic
the smell of new and (some) old books
beatles, vintage, and room image
listening to your favorite song for the first time
grunge aesthetic alien clouds
pink/purple skies
beautiful, boy, and car image
listening to loud music in the car and singing
forest forest
the smell of forests (i just love it)
book, black, and the end image

thank you for reading. this is kind of personal bc obviously not everyone likes the same things that i do, but i hope you liked it.

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