Hello, it's Joey.

A song that you never get tired of

Someone asked me this question this morning and I couldn't really answer it: 'There are too many songs I love, idk.', thats all I said.

But I couldn't get it out of my mind, so I checked my playlists for songs that I listen to for years and I found one. :) The funny thing is, I actually listen to it basically every single day of my life at least once.

It's Intro by The XX

I absolutely adore this beautiful piece of music. And I am pretty sure that most of you know it since it's pretty popular as background music in youtube videos. Even Rihanna used it in one her songs. But I knew it before Rihanna used it, from the amazing teen/party movie Project X. And I guess most of you also know it from the movie. :) (I highly recommend checking it out btw., if you love teen/party movies, or movies like american pie.)

I love it, cause

it screams "life can be so awesome and beautiful!" without saying a word. Yeah, there are no lyrics. Just a beautiful melody and some people are humming every now and then. But it's breathtaking. It's timeless and makes you feel like you are flying, or dreaming or like you are on another planet. It makes you wanna do things, be productive, or just chill, love life and feel free. It feels like you are sleepwalking. It feels like the time has stopped just for you, and the rest of the world is still moving and you are just watching it. You just wanna close your eyes and enjoy it.

girl, grunge, and dark image aesthetic, night, and weird image
You wanna lay on a rooftop in the middle of the night and watch the sky.
sky, purple, and sunset image grunge, hands, and pale image
Or lay in the wet grass of an early morning and watch the rising sun.
flowers, indie, and nature image art, baby boy, and baby girl image
You feel like you are infinitely and utterly alone,
but in a positive way.

It makes me wanna run away and feel free. <3
And I wanna dance in the rain to it.

The list goes on and on and on, and I know that an incredible amount of people thinks the exact same. It's a beautiful piece of art, again - timeless. It's not super crazy happy, fast or loud like techno, house, pop or rock music, but it's also not sad or too slow. It's just absolutely stunning in a weird, indescribable way.

friends, sky, and grunge image early morning, late night, and pink image

Also some of the comments on the video are absolutely beautiful and I can relate a 100% to most of them. It's so much fun to read what people are doing while they listen to it, or what they are thinking, their hopes, dreams, wishes. This song brings so many people together, even I talked with some very kind guys in some of these comments. <3

"close your eyes n feel it." 260 👍
"I love how alone this song makes me feel." 130 👍
"When I am listening to this, I feel like I am driving on the empty streets during an apocalypse." 1000< 👍
"Driving at 3 a.m and listen to this music is pure life." 117 👍
"Beginning 2018 with this really pretty piece of music ❤" 170 👍
"The nostalgia that comes with this song is almost overwhelming." 40 👍
"this is probably the best song to make your immagination work... it's just amazing." 385 👍
"Listening to this song on the rooftop while looking up the night sky..." 488 👍
"I would just wanna lay down in the sand at an empty beach listening to this song all over again at night." 248 👍
"This song is like epic ;D makes me feel like I'm the only person in the world idk why :P" 348 👍
"I’m dancing on Saturn’s ring to this and no, I’m not high :) loving all the comments, so true. ♥️" 82 👍
"This song says so much without actually saying anything at all" 32 👍
"A perfect example of how music can heal everything." 52 👍
"When I'm listening to this song I feel like I want just to lie on grass, somewhere far away from people, watching the sky and stars in the night and thinking about my live and universe. This song is masterpiece, who ever did this is my hero. pax" 1000< 👍
"this song makes me wanna pack my bags and run away" 550 👍
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So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this and the song of course. Check out the video if you like reading amazing comments, like the ones I showed you. (Yes, they are from the video. :) ) Also, why don't you try to answer this question too, I'd like to read about the song that you never get tired of. :)
I wish you all a beautiful day/night and all the love, luck, success and happiness you, your friends and family deserve. <3
Bye, Joey.