Hello everyone.
I hope you are well, this is not something I am used to writing, but I have to do it.

Today I have been made aware of what is happening in my country of origin. The country where I was born, grew up and hoped to have my whole life there ... Until now.

I'm not in Venezuela anymore. I am in another country, I was family and I had to leave, we could no longer live in those conditions. But now you have spent 4 months and nothing has improved. In fact, it is the opposite.

I'm devastated, I can't believe how everything changes. Five years ago, I only cared to get to high school. But now I only ask God to take care of my family and friends. I do not want anything bad to happen to them. They are in a country where inflation increases every day, there is no food, there are no medicines. They rob you to the minimum, and if you do not want to give them what they want. Then you kill yourself. As simple as that.

They die every day, for not having the money to get food. Because even the one who works the most for a month does not win for the meal of the week. If we get sick, it's our death sentence. Because there is nothing to cure or treat.

The president has no heart, while he and his government celebrate, the whole population suffers. He says that nothing is happening, that everything is perfectly fine. That gentleman, that inhuman being, is saying that Venezuela is in perfect conditions. Please, president! I die of hungry, I die because I am sick and there is nothing to help me, I die in my work, but I still can not. I die when I see how my children seem to be anorexic. Nobody lives well. Everyone is fleeing, even knowing that there is no one to help them, but they still do, because they can not do it anymore. Please God. Help us Do not let us fall, help us stand up. Amen.