Cloudy skies
That’s where they lied under, a cloudy gorgeous blue sky
The boy and the girl reunited once again holding hands
It seemed as if it was all meant to be and they felt sure that it was
They had their ups and downs again
Him moving
Her choices for the future of them both
Both of them crying as they hugged for the last time till the next meet
Both of them continue strong in their relationship, loving one another and starting to talk about a future together
And She would always feel warm inside when He would say
“I will come back and we will be together forever because you’re my only one, We’ll live together and spend every moment together and do so much.”
And they promised to keep that promise with a smile and kiss to the computer screen
The distance may be long, the emotions may become a roller coaster
But Hope can always bring two together if it did for these two lovebirds;
Together, they hope to be reunited again and stay together for sure, in love.