16th January 2018

Hey guys! Today's article is going to be about a workout plan to lose weight. Since this is my goal for 2018 and the years to come because it isn’t a quick takes a month goal more like it could take up to a year and a half goal. But I'm going to try and stick to this every morning.

Bare in mind that I want to be able to ease into this routine everyday and do some sort of exercise everyday hence why there is only 4 workouts here, but I am planning on doing it all 3 times. You can always tweak it to suit your own personal goal.



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I prefer to do 2-5 mins of jogging


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Run for 5 mins

25 Star jumps

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20 leg raises

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Number is 4 is what I'm going to be focusing on

20 lunges

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It hurts but it's worth it



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I've done yoga for quite a bit but I have never done it everyday which I will be trying


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This will help just relax and de-stress so you won't end up getting overwhelmed and stop trying.

That is it for this article, I hope it helped and if you feel the need to talk to someone don't hesitate to message me because i would love to help motivate you and God knows I need the motivation too.

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