hello!!!! I use up my free time watching youtube videos, tv shows and reading so here’s a list of people that make videos and that make me smile. They are put in no particular order lol.

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Some people think he is too petty but I love so much his aesthetic and he is so genuine!! His blogs and videos about photography brighten up my day

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  • Connor Franta

He is the cutest little guy that i’ve ever seen and, apart from being an lgbt+ icon, he is so calming and sweet. He is such a big inspiration for me

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marry me
  • Jessiepaege

She was one of the first you tubers that i started watching. I follow her since before she got coloured hair (even before the chalk hair dye) and she has been such a big inspiration for me

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how cute omg she is amazing
  • HelloXRyan


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i want to be him when i grow up
  • Vox

This is not a youtuber but i’ll include this account too as I love watching their informative videos!! Also, their name means voice in latin and I realised it two days ago

  • The Film Theorist

I. LOVE. MATPAT. His videos are so interesting and they bring out the nerd that there’s in me. I also watch the Game Theorist but i don't understand everything about games lol

  • Daniel Howell & AmazingPhill

I have to put these two British boys in the same bullet point because they are a pair, okay? Okay. I don't really know what I like about them, I just enjoy their videos a looooot.

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  • Mango Street

This channel is so aesthetically pleasing and perfect for who loves photography like I do. It’s so creative and I love the two owners, they are so cute

their work is really impressive but i was not able to find any picture ugh

  • Emmmabooks

I love all of the book tube community but she is my favourite booktuber. I find her so genuine and respectful. I also love her side channel that talks about psychology

  • Domics

This is an Animation / Story Time channel. It’s so funny

  • Ryan Carroll

HE IS SUCH A CUTE BABBBBBYYYYY and he is obsessed with instagram like me so i relate to him a lot

  • TEDx

I really enjoy TEDx talks, they are really interesting and inspiring

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