Hello, I've decided to open a FAQ article to answer any general questions regarding me or this account! If you ever have any other questions, feel free to message me on here or on my twitter @sxcient!!

Generally, what is the objective of your account?
The goal of this account is to simply collect and sort photos taken of Park Minhyuk (Rocky) from ASTRO and share them with anyone who would like to see them! It can be difficult digging through various photographers' accounts, so i'm providing this account as a median.

Where do you collect the photos you upload?
All of the photos I upload typically come from the photographers' twitter accounts, ASTRO's twitter, and Fantagio.

Do you give credits to the photographers?
Always! If you check my captions beneath any photo I upload, I include the source. If you'd like to find that photographer's account, you can easily search for them on twitter. I am not involved in the photo taking process nor do I take any credit for these pictures; I merely compile and upload them.

Do you plan on uploading any content regarding the other members of ASTRO?
No, simply because the amount of time it would take to collect such a large sum of pictures would be too time consuming for me. My bias is Minhyuk and I plan to keep this account strictly dedicated to him.

When do you upload?
I really have no schedule, I just upload when it's due or when I want to. If there's a lot of events taking place, I'll most likely be more active. If the group takes a break and their schedule isn't too busy, then i'm less active too! I'm also more active when i'm not busy with classes.

How do you keep up with ASTRO's schedule?
I check their event calendars that let me know in advance where they'll be, what they're doing, and what the event is called!

How are your collections sorted?
I create new collections for different fansign events, concerts, etc. The titles of my collections always include the date and title of the event so it's easy to find. I also have broader collections for GIFs, all fansign photos I upload, and all photos that I've ever posted!

rocky and astro image