I hope that this will not sound strange. Actually, I hope that some people recognize themselves in this.

I never really had a lot of friends, still not. I have always had to do it alone. I know that I can go to my parents, but I would never do that because I think they will never understand me.

I had some bad years. Then I thought I needed someone to talk to. I still think that because that's so important. But I learned a lot about people. Are there people who are interested in me? Do they care about my feelings? I would love to talk to someone but I know that most of them are just curious. I wait for the day that I meet someone who really wants to know me. Sometimes I think I'm too demanding but actually I want to be treated like I treat others.

I needed those bad years to stand where I am now and to be who I am now. I think everyone learns so much from themselves in bad times.

The bad years are over and I feel fine now. I never thought I would ever say this.

Maybe this really doesn't make sense, I wanted to tell someone but again, I dont have anyone.