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What are your five greatest accomplishments?

1. I got a job what I love. I work at grocery shop and my job is to take care of fruits and vegetables. I love my job and I love our customers.

2. I came out of closet. (Well, partly.) I told I'm asexual and even my relationship may break, I can finally be myself and I don't have to be scared if I have to have sex one day. I'm virgin and I will never give that away!

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3. I'm step by step getting over my social anxiety. I don't get attacks about it anymore (at least as often as I used to) and I can do things on my own, without my mom or friend talking for me. I can talk by myself!

4. I'm living on my own, I know how to take care of my bills and I know how to live without mom. Okay, every adult should know that, but because I have been always shy and anxiety, I thought I could never do this. But I do!

5. I have survived through all of my 'I will kill myself' thoughts. There has been times, when I was almost doing it. I have had plans and chances, but I'm living.

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