So, after a long time, I´m back with another article about kpop.
I was really surprised that it got a lot of hearts and I just wanna say thank you to all of you.
In this one, I´m gonna mix girl groups with boy groups.
I hope you like it and maybe give a chance to kpop, because it's really worth it.


Seventeen, wonwoo, and jun image

I remember the first time that I listen to Don't Wanna Cry, everything was absolutely amazing, the video is great, the song, the choreo...
If you haven't listen this song, I recommend you to do it.

After that I remember spend a day, listening to all the songs, SMILE FLOWER was my favourite and I also was so so confused about the names because they are so many,

17 17 dino kpop Seventeen Superthumb 17 kpop Seventeen 17
Just listen to all the mini albums and albums, you will love every single song.


nct, nct 127, and johnny image

So actually, in every social media, everyone was saying that Cherry Bomb by NCT 127 was great, so instead of watching that song I listened to Limitless and that´s how i got into them.

Also, I got really confused what was the difference between NCT 127, NCT U and NCT DREAM, I didn't know anything about them, so it was pretty difficult to me to get used to everything.

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb johnny Superthumb kpop kpop


umji, sowon, and yuju image

I was really excited to write about them, I remember that the same day that I listen to my first kpop songs I found a couple of Gfriend, they were ROUGH and ME GUSTAS TU.

Then, everyone was talking about LOVE WHISPER, but I didn't remember them and after that I listened to all the albums.

yuju sowon kpop umji Superthumb Superthumb
Fingertip, Navillera, Rainbow, Crush, White, Summer Rain, Fall In Love, Life Is A Party, Water Flower...


kpop, twice, and momo image

TT was my first song, I think that they were very cute, and loved the song,I started listen to the albums but just loved a couple of songs, so I was dissapointed.

They are amazing and put a lot of effort, but they have only the cute girl image, I would like if they do a different type of style.

I really like this comeback, I loved Likey and almost the whole album, the sound of it was different but pretty good and catchy.
I want to say that HEARTSHAKER is so so good, I've been replaying the song almost all day, and they video is awesome.
Also, I'm in love with all the japanese singles, they are absolutely great.

twice kpop kpop momo kpop Superthumb twice Superthumb twice
I recommend to listen to TURTLE, LOOK AT ME, CANDY POP, FFW, DON'T GIVE UP, SIGNAL, LOVE LINE, ROLLIN' and obviously ONE IN A MILLION (there are a lot more, but this are in my opinion the best of the best)


red velvet, joy, and wendy image

The first song that I listened to was Russian Roulette, they looked so so pretty, the video was awesome so I just continued to watch the videos.
A funny fact is that at first I hated Happiness and Red Flavor
I think that they are awesome, they have different style every comeback, I´m absolutely in love with Peek-A-Boo, and the whole album, they can be cute, sexy, creepy and can do pretty good performances.
Also, I'm pretty sure, everyone ships Sungjae and Joy for the TV program. I remember that I saw a video somewhere about them and I saw all the chapters about them, they are so so so cute together.

peek-a-boo joy joy joy Superthumb joy
I recommend you to listen to Little Little, Cool Hot Sweet Love, Sunny Afternoon, Talk To Me, One Of These Nights, Rookie, I Just, My Second Date, Zoo...


exid, kpop, and hani image

I think that everyone's first song of this girlgroup is UP AND DOWN and so is mine.
At first didnt like the song much, but then I listened to TODAK TODAK and I fell in love with the group.
Hani also appears a lot on variety shows so I knew the group.
I have to confess something, I thought that they were only four girls in the group, because I didn't know about the situation with Solji.
I really liked the Night Rather Than Night comeback, although DDD is also great.
So, this is a little shorter because recently just started to listen to all the songs.

kpop kpop hyerin junghwa kpop kpop
I recommend you to listen to Cream, Good, Weeknd, Without U, 1M, How Why, I Know, Don't Want A Drive...

This took more time than I thought because of my laptop, but It's finish now, I hope you like it a lot and If you want, I can continue with just girl groups or continue with both (you'll have to suggest me groups because I don't know a lot).

Also I thought I can make a version with solo artist or a playlist with actual hits.
I'm not sure so just send me postcards with your opinion.

This is something that I wanted to tell you because I'm really really joyful, I GOT 7 FOR 7 PRESENT EDITION, it's a beautiful album and also my first kpop album.