Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed (or maybe not) I have been really inactive here and I honestly don’t have an actual reason for that so I apologise. I just want to say that from now on I am going to try to be as active as I can and write more often since it’s one of my passions.

Today I bring you a post about the problems that only small people understand. I’m 1,59 cm (5’2) and I struggle with some things.

1-we can’t reach the top cabinets/shelves/hangers. I swear, we try but it’s almost impossible;
2-most trousers/jumpsuits are too long, like, we aren’t all tall, when are they making something our size;
3-we are basically always on our tiptoes every time we want to reach something;
4-we can’t see sh*t in the middle of a crowd, we just see heads, like we can’t even breathe because all the giants surrounding us are breathing all the breathable air ;
5-we always have to stay in the front when group photos are taken because otherwise we just disappear behind someone;
6-we have to walk twice as fast to keep up with tall people, like, literally, my dad is 1,90cm and one step of his is basically two or three of mine;
7-long coats usually drown us, we just disappear under it;
8-your feet usually don’t reach the ground if you’re sitting back on a chair;
9-those things in the front seat of the car that are supposed to protect your eyes of the sun do nothing for short people, like we are just too down for the shadow to protect us;
10-peolpe easily think you’re a kid that is lost or smt.

So this was the post! I hope that, if you’re small, you related to at least some of this things ahah Have a great day!