So it's that time of the year where the weather gets cold and you cant wear all of those fall outfits that where used to,instead you have to layer up to stay warm.Especially with school in the way,it gets hard to have different outfits planned for each day of the week.So here are 5 different outfits that you can build up or down depending on your style.

You want to start off the week with a simple outfit that is comfortable,warm and practical.Its the first day after the weekend and your outfits will build up as you make your way to Friday.

OUTFIT #1:As a top I suggest an oversized sweater in light earth tones like dusty pink or beige.You can always make it more stylish by folding up the sleeves and making it look sophisticated and neat.For bottoms you can wear a pair of slightly distressed mom jeans or any type of loose or skinny jeans that you own.I would personally style it with mom jeans ,as they are trendy and they go with everything.Now for shoes I recommend a pair of classic white converse to keep the comfortable look.

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Tip:You can tuck in the sweater at the front so that it looks effortlessly stylish.

OUTFIT #2:Your second outfit will still be casual but more out there.As a top,I suggest a sweater that has something on it like a pattern,pins or a turtleneck.Again fold up the sleeves.For bottoms, pick a pair of skinny or loose jeans, whatever you own,black or blue either way it will still look good.And for shoes choose either a pair of white converse or black ankle boots.

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Tip:Add a simple pair of earrings or a few simple rings to make it more put together.

OUTFIT#3:Your third outfit will be a little fancier than the previous ones and yet still casual.For bottoms,pick a pair of fabric pants with either a plaid pattern,which is very in,or in a simple grey color.As a top choose something knitted(for the plaid pants) or a light top and pair it with a cardigan(for the grey pants).For shoes wear either your white converse or black ankle boots.

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OUTFIT #4:The fourth outfit of the week will be a bit like the first ones but more stylish.So as a top find a sweater that is a statement piece for the outfit by having either a cut at the back or the front, by having ribbons or ,in this case, by having cold shoulders.For bottoms wear your everyday blue jeans.As for shoes go for the black ankle boots to give it some glamour.

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Tip:Add a belt to make the outfit neater.

OUTFIT #5:So for the last outfit you'll go out with a bang, because this outfit will be the classier out of all.As a top I recomend a white longsleeved leotard that can hug your body nicely.Pair that with a classic either skinny or loose pair of black jeans and your black ankle boots.Add a black belt to finish it off.

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Tip:To tie everything together use silver,gold or copper accesories.

As a coat you can wear your everyday one.Even if it's a leather jacket or a big fluffy coat, I'm sure it will look great.Plus you can always dress them up or down by adding beanies and by alternating your makeup.