Anxiety and Insomnia may be best friends, but I have some tools to help you break that circle of friendship.

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1. Pacifica
This is my favorite app and I use it on a daily basis. It is created so that you can track your moods and health habits, and it also gives you an option of creating and tracking your goals. It has numerous lessons and activities to help you overcome stress, anxiety and negativity. What I like the most is that you can sign in anonymously and share your experiences with other people in the community. We also share books, music, movies, quotes etc. that lift us up.

2. Atmosphere
This is an amazing app that helps against insomnia. You can also use it to relax or meditate, or even as a background noise. It disposes with a big number of sounds, divided into categories, e.g. Home, City, Forest, or Beach. You can also combine as many sounds as you wish. I enjoyed the combo of a fireplace and the rain drops subtly hitting the window. Your mixed combinations of sound can also be saved and uploaded anytime you wish.

3. Calm
This one is described as “#1 app for mindfulness and meditation”. What I liked the most about it were the breathing exercises and sleep stories. There are also meditation sessions and sounds that you can use for relaxation.
It is free, but if you want some additional content, you can purchase it.

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4. Sleep Sounds
This one is the most simple one to use. It has 12 high quality sounds, some of which are Refreshing Rain(personal favorite), Rainforest and Autumn Woods. You can set up the duration time for the sounds and it doesn't require internet connection to use it. It has simple design and beautiful, calming background images. If you are looking for something simple to help you fall asleep - this is for you.

These were my favorite apps that help me calm and fall asleep faster. I really hope it helps ♡

Have a great day