When you need to balance hobbies, family life, and school, sometimes you don't even want to think about exercise and getting fit. This article is for all of the people who want to get fit but are too short on time, money for a gym, or like me and too lazy (ahahahaha...anyway...)

1. Take the stairs when you can.

If taking an elevator up to your office, classroom, apartment, etc. is a normal part of your day and you are able to take the stairs, go for it! Small choices make a big impact.

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2. Park further from the door.

Find a parking spot further away from the entrance. It will force you to walk.

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When you just can't find a photo lol

3. The Netflix workout.

Whenever you watch a movie, Netflix, YouTube, or other shows, stand in a clear area where you can see the TV, computer, phone or tablet. Prepare to do a brief but effective workout.

  • 10 squat jumps
  • 25 crunches
  • 1-minute wall sit
  • 2-minute run-in-place
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 2-minute rest

Repeat 3x, then stretch.

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4. Make your bed in the morning.

Not only will you be thankful that you did this when you collapse into your bed at night, but walking from side to side and moving a heavy comforter can actually have a small impact on your fitness/weight goals. It provides a quick step into your daily routine that shouldn't take you more than two minutes with multiple benefits.

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5. Do squats while you brush your teeth.

Two minutes of exercise, now taking up no extra time.

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6. When you're close enough to the destination, walk.

If you live in a city, it can almost be quicker to walk from place to place than by car. It's also good for your body and the environment! Just be sure not to walk alone when it's dark out.

7. Babysit.

Taking care of little kids is a pretty good workout! You will also get some fun and a bit of cash out of it!

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8. Take your dog for longer walks or start a neighborhood dog walking service.

Getting money and exercise out of playing with dogs? Sign me up!

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9. Watch funny videos/look at memes

Studies show that laughing can actually burn belly fat!

So...are these collections considered gyms?

10. Stand up more often.

When you have a choice to sit or stand, stand. It's not an exercise, but you burn more calories.

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Or you could do this. I'm sure that burns calories.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your exercise goals!

Edit: I posted this... I don't know, four hours ago? And I already have 20 hearts which is pretty unusual for my articles! You all seem to be loving it, so I might do a part 2!