Ever since I was a little girl I had a huge problem with the concept of gender roles. I had no problem with being myself; an aggressive, strong, girl that cursed like a sailor (to this day) and spoke before thinking. But when it came to boys I would go back to being the stereotypical girly girl because I wanted nothing more than a boyfriend and I was being told boys like girls that are nice and cute and quiet and (all that BS).
I was also told that boys are mean to the girls they like, they tease them, they pull their hair and (all that BS).
That toxic mindset is still in me and I hate society for that.
But not only girls struggle in this society, soft boys too.
Soft boys are seen as "gay", "loser's" or "pussy's" and I used to think that 'soft boys' don't exist.
I thought boys were boys.
Boys will be boys.
I want to give it up for the soft boys, the LGBT+ soft boys, the straight-cis soft boys, the soft boys of color.
My brother.
I want to give it up for platforms that allow boys to be soft, social media, the K-Pop industry, parents (especially fathers) who let their boys be soft.
You boys need to be appreciated.

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