hiya loves! thank you for clicking on my article. i don't know if i should post everyday i want to try lol so for today's article i want to talk about social media and the dirty secretes behind all the likes, comments, and views.

okay, i believe instagram is the most popular. some people on their show all their good/happy times making people that see them think that they have their life all together, well they don't. the truth is nobody does.

then we have people that have fake followers, likes, and comments. yes, people do that. i guess people feel better about themselves , like they are special.

i don't want to turns this to a novel lol

please don't fall for their post because it really isn't them. it's what they want you to think of them. so many opinions that all add up to "make me relevant". we collect ideas and thoughts of a person, just like in real life. it's insane to think that nothing is real, it's real to think something is false or untrue.

i am aware some people are real and honest; but compared to the rest it's a rare chance.

i hope you learned something from this :)

be kind and stay you 💙

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