since i'm going to start writing articles and maybe some of you will read me, i want you to know about me so maybe we'll have stuff in common and we can talk if you want!
i'm from argentina, but i studied a few years so i can handle english, understand the languaje and keep conversations.

here we go:

i absolutely love art, i'm gonna study that and there's nothing that makes me happier than express myself through this wonderful thing and inspire others to do it as well!

Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, paint, and painting image

i play the piano and i'm learning to play the ukelele

book, piano, and music image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image

the band i love the most is 5sos

5sos, calum hood, and luke hemmings image 5sos, luke hemmings, and michael clifford image

i ADORE cats and i have one called pupi<3

cat, aesthetic, and black image cat, animal, and black image

well i hope you like this and that we got things in common!
in case you need someone to talk to, i'm always here.

all the love,