Hope you like this ; It's my ' oldies ' playlist, but only the 90s! It's on spotify ; @faodil ! Link to the playlist ; https://open.spotify.com/user/faodil/playlist/2t6hv8c4vEfmD9XXKkyxFI

i. . . . baby one more time by britney spears

coffee, laptop, and study image

ii. no scurbs by tlc

waves, ocean, and sea image

iii. wannabe by spice girls

art, moon, and drawing image

iv. truly madly deeply by savage garden

tumblr, aesthetic, and legs image

v. say my name by destiny's child

dog, pug, and puppy image

vi. as long as you love me by backstreet boys

city, building, and brown image

vii. i have nothing by whitney houston

aesthetic, beige, and boy image

viii. smells like teen spirit by nirvana

love, quotes, and grunge image

ix. genie in a bottle by christina aguilera

beauty, hair, and skin image

x. my heart will go on by celine dion

coffee, espresso, and pencil image

xi. vision of love by mariah carey

coffee, drink, and food image

xii. u can't touch this by mc hammer

art, beige, and aesthetic image

xiii. my name is by eminem

coffee, brown, and aesthetic image

xiv. good riddance ( time of your life ) by green day

quotes and mistakes image

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