What's up heaters,how you doing? Well today I decided to tell you how it's mine morning routine so here we go!

5:30 - Wake up

girl, bed, and sleep image

5:45 - drink water

Did you know that drinking water in fasting accelerates metabolism,
renews cells and improves skin?

water, drink, and tap image

5:50 - Put some music

And dance because makes me happy and I feel more willing

coffee, iphone, and sweater image
i really can't live without music

6:00 - Make my bed

The day don't start until I make the bed, seriously

bedroom, room, and map image

6:10 - change me clothes

my school have uniform so it's very easy to be ready and I don't like to use make up in school

champion and white image

6:15 - Breakfast
It's the most important meal of the day so eat something healthy

food, fruit, and strawberry image
ok, I don't eat a healthy breakfats but I'm working on it

6:30 - brushing teeth

This is vey important kids, please don't forget to brush your teeth

bathroom, black and white, and brushing teeth image

6:45 - go to school

90's, photo, and blonde image

I hope you enjoyed,this is all for today, tnks for reading heaters, xoxo

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