I think it took me days to actually notice what's happening. It was like days that you haven't really talk to me and it drove me crazy. I didn't know why, you were not the first guy who just decided not to talk to me from all of a sudden. But it hurt me so bad.
I didn't even recognized myself, I was crying every night thinking about what have I done wrong. I gave you time, the three weeks that we didn't see each other was the worst. Even when we talked I missed you so bad that I can't express. You said you miss me and couln't wait for get back to school and see me again. And yet you acted like I'm a stranger to you. I had no idea what happened and I was begging you for an explanation.
The day when we finally talked I was cying. You told me it's not me it's you but it didn't make it easier. And I understand it I really do. I accept that we are friends now with memories. I am your friend now because I can't lose you.
I swear I'm trying so hard to be there for you and the same time not to bothering you. You made me fall hard for you and I didn't even realized it until I had a chance to lose you. I agreed to be your friend because the thought that you wil not be in my life anymore terrified me. I'm still trying to walk away from you but the thing is I don't want t. And that moment was the one that I realized that I love you.