Hi Lovely people,
Today I come with a new style of article. I got real issues to find a good set of makeup brushes and I know a lot of people had the same difficulties. So I decided to write about my favourite.

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1. It's super affordable

The prices varies from $2 for a single brush to about $30 for a set of 32 brushes! It's far from being that expensive Sephora set of 10 brushes. Right?

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2. The Amazing Quality

No joke the quality is incredible.I bought my set of brushes from BH about two years ago, back when I was starting to get into makeup and they're still in perfect condition.The price is amazing for the quality you're getting with these. I use them all the time and have washed them numerous amounts of times, but in my years of owning them they have not shed on me and remain super soft.

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3. They're cute

I mean, did you look at these baby? They're so pretty it almost makes me cry. They have so many design and sets, it's impossible you're not satisfied with it. Also, you can chose sets with less brushes if you're just starting with makeup or the ultimate one with 30+ brushes if you're an expert.

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4. Shipping is fast and cheap

I got mine at Urban Outfitters but sadly not every sets are there. So if you really want one, you can order on their website. I'll put the link below. The shipping is really fast since my friend ordered and in less than a week, she had received it in we live in Canada. The price of shipping was maybe $7 but you save so much money on the brushes that it's worth it I promise.

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5. It's vegan

I think it's the most important reason. They have a lot of selection in their section of vegan product. Almost all their brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. It's not all of them but they're trying to be 100% and that's what I like.

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So that's it guys !