i love watching tv shows. im a huge fan of a lot of tv shows, but i have a few that are my ultimate favorites.


SKAM is a norwegian tv show based on a group of girls that start a russ together. the girls experience so much things, but their always there to help each other out.

2. Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf is about a teen boy who is a nerd in school who one night gets bitten by a werewolf and gains supernatural powers and he has to deal with his high school crush, enemies, and friends.

3. The End Of The Fucking World
This tv show is about a girl and a boy who run away from home and fall in love with each other. they both expierence so many things together and meet so many people.

4. Stranger Things
Stranger Things is about a little boy who gets taken by a mysterious creature, and his friends and family try to find him.

5. Riverdale
Riverdale is a tv show based on the Archie Comics. the tv show is about a boy who gets killed when he was on a boat ride with his twin sister. a group of four kids try to figure out who killed the boy.