About six months ago I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in computer science. I decided to take the summer off, spend my savings on traveling, and just enjoy myself after all the work I put into getting my degree. During this time I unexpectedly went through an early life crisis of sorts. My anxiety came back (something I've struggled with in the past) and I couldn't figure out who I was now that I wasn't going to school. I didn't have any serious hobbies since most of my time for the past 4 years had been taken up by school, work or general socializing. Though it's taken awhile I've finally gotten myself together, my anxiety has receded a lot and I have a sense of purpose again! So the following are some of the things that are my inspiration for this time in my life.


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I have the travel bug and want to live several places during my life. I went to school in Sacramento, CA and moved to Portland, OR after I graduated in May. From here I want to move to New York City, the LA area, or Europe (probably Amsterdam or somewhere in Spain). I grew up in a very small town but love living near/in big cities.


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My boyfriend played football in college and has gotten me into weightlifting. It's actually a lot of fun and though it seems intimidating at first, once you've been taught to lift properly it's actually pretty easy technique-wise. I recommended being taught by someone who knows what they're doing in the beginning because it's also easy to have bad form. I've always wanted a bigger booty :) and to be stronger overall so I'm going to make that happen.

I did yoga for a couple years in college and plan to get back into that. I appreciate the spirituality of it as well as the flexibility and strength a consistent practice can bring.


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I've been lucky enough to travel to Europe, Africa, Central and South America with my family. I truly think everyone should have to travel to experience different cultures and realize how similar we all are despite our differences. My next trips I want to take with friends. I've never been to Croatia and am hoping to go in the summer. But there are so many places to go! Luckily I have a whole lifetime to explore. :)

BossBabe + Money

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Ideally with my computer science degree I'll get a job paying me pretty decent money soon. While I don't like to think of myself as terribly materialistic I can't wait to have enough money to spoil myself a little. Especially being 22, I feel like for the next few years I can be the best looking that I will ever be in my life and I'm excited to have enough money to make the most of it (I'm currently very broke lol). I am also determined to donate a consistent amount of my paycheck to charity. I never want to stop feeling compassion towards those who need help.

Besides the money I want to have a very successful career and be a well respected and competent software developer. So hopefully I can make both of those things happen.

— I know this article was wordy but I wanted it to be sort of a 'get to know me'. My other articles will probably be more informational about travel, career, fitness etc. in the future. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day.
xoxo Maddz