These are some cartoons that I still watch as a teen on saturday mornings because they rule

South Park

anger and South park image

Its just all around super funny and I personally find it a lot better than any of its competitors like Family Guy or the Simpsons. All of the characters are great and the creativity of the episodes increases as you watch instead of decreasing like most.

Steven Universe

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Ah yes, the tumblr favorite. SU is so great to me because not only are the characters, storylines, and overall art great but it also teaches kids so many important lessons like self love, dealing with grief, and talking about your emotions. (+ there is the canon lgbt couple!)

Adventure Time

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A classic with great and iconic characters, enough said

Bobs Burgers

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Also super funny like south park, yet a bit more appropriate. The characters are super relatable and even the side characters have great personalities

Over the garden wall

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Very different than any other show I've ever seen. Its a bit creepy but so good and is a super short and easy watch. The whole show is super creative and well put together especially given the small amount episodes

Gravity Falls

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This show is basically cartoon supernatural with cults, zombies, and even the illuminati as a character named Bill. It is very different yet still has relatable and interesting main characters that you love from the very beginning

Amazing world of gumball

harry potter, potter, and harry image

So underrated yet so good? The main character is so relatable for the fact that in almost every episode the simple task at the beginning turns into a complete mess by the end. The show has suddle references, adult jokes, funny characters, and breaks the forth wall in about every other episode