i am only a sophomore right now, but i have already started to struggle with finding time to work out, or to eat healthy. if you are anything like me, then here are some tips i have figured out.

1. workout in the mornings, or do some morning yoga.
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2. drink plenty of water throughout the school day, either bring your own or if you can, buy a bottle at school.

3. pack your own lunches, there are tons of recipies on the internet of fast salads you can prepare the night before. or you can make a sandwich full of colorful veggies, lunches you make are better, and better for you!
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4. get involved in some sports, i cannot tell you how important physical activity is for you, this is a lot funner than going to a gym alone everynight. you will make friends and be getting a good workout in.
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this is my first article, hopefully you guys like it!! xo