aesthetic girl

She was once a blooming flower with a smile that would melt your heart.

She used to have a laugh that made you laugh because it was so beautiful.

She used to not care and run around nothing holding her back.


Now she may have a heart of gold, but that heart is frozen. Her heart isn’t thawed but cold.

Superthumb beach

The words left a scar deeper than a knife and her thoughts crashed around like waves.

When she needed a shoulder to cry one she was left with the darkness of her room and the pillow.


broken beauty

So now the strings of society pull her back into a void.

And a wall has been built and never let down for fear she will drown and never find air.

Her smile is to hold back the tears and her laugh is forced.

Superthumb girl

The days of her suns rays are gone replaced with a darkness that no one will see because of her shiny exterior.

She has lost herself in trying to find herself. The lines of expectations and limitations cross deeper than the eye will meet, and the day to be set free is yet another day away.

© an original poem by Kenzie (me)