1) You will probably live a completely different life in five years
At least if you work on it and don't expect things and chances to fall from the sky right into your lap. The rule of changes says that you will probably have different friends, different boyfriend, different views and even a different city.

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2) You will get over him
And you'll be probably crying over another guy. No, seriously. Even if you believe right now that he was the one, that you will live in pain forever, it ain't true. Don't worry. He will become a nice teenage memory and you won't be crying anymore when you remember his name.

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3) Everything is a lesson
Every breakup, every bad grade, every lost friend, every tear, and disappointment - it's a lesson that's preparing you for the next stages of your life. This isn't that big of consolation, but it might help you a bit knowing that whatever you're going through right now, will end and in a year or two you will see why you needed to go through that.

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4) Nothing is granted
You need to work hard and passionately for everything you want. And everyone you want. No one owes you anything, not even their time. Desire and wishes are not enough. Imagine if you spent five days just wishing and talking about your dreams and plans. Nothing would happen, right? It's the same with spending months and years just planning and wishing. Only work and good strategy get you where you want.

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5) You can achieve everything you want
You want to be a Hollywood actress? It might be hard if you are from some small country far away from the USA, but then go ahead and read books and articles about people in the same position as you are who actually made it. But if you commit yourself to one specific dream and make a strategy, good connections and study that subject, you might crack it and find your way. If you say that you can't, well.. then you can't because you already gave up.

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6) Failing only means you should try harder
Okay, you might feel broken and you believe that you have already explored all the ways to achieve something, but obviously, you didn't. So, don't waste your time on crying. Chin up and find a new way. Nothing is lost as long as you breathe. There is always a way. Change your perspective and think of new solutions you haven't tried.

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7) Make mistakes while you are a teenager
Many people tell me that I am too rational, but I don't mind. I have used my teenage years well - making a lot of mistakes, doing stupid things, going after what I want without thinking too much. Okay, always have some boundaries that will keep you alive, healthy and free, but don't be afraid to do what you want. That's what those years are meant for. If you want to drink, drink. If you want to break up with your boyfriend, do it. Dye your hair in green or buy that funny dress. Just don't get into your twenties with regrets.

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8) Do some great and quality things
High school is not enough. If you want to stand out, learn as much as you can by yourself. Start learning a new language, read classics, volunteer, start some unique course and travel as much as you can. I don't say there won't be time for that later in your life, but why wouldn't you start right now?

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9) Intelligent always beats beautiful
I don't say pretty girls are shallow or stupid, but from my experience, those popular and beautiful girls usually don't have much time for studying and exploring the world. But, trust me, you don't have to be beautiful to get to the boy you want or to stand out. Since I entered the ''relationship world'' I have learned that guys never forget girls with an amazing base of knowledge, unique personality, great humor, and adventurous spirit. And they always want to get with that kind of girls because time spent with them is unforgettable.

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10) Between moving on and holding on, always choose MOVING ON
It might be harder, but in the long run, it's always better to move on with your life than waiting for someone to remember how good you made them feel or how much they love you. There are always better things ahead than behind you. Also, if it makes you feel better, most of the guys will eventually call you if you ignore them (but keep ignoring them - if they were good, they would still be there).

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11) Keep a diary
Because nothing compares to that feeling when you are reading your days and feelings from several years ago. It will also show you how much you have changed, improved and how some things that were huge back then, became irrelevant.

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12) Take care of your skin
And you'll be grateful in your twenties. It's really not that expensive. You can always find good health care for you that you can afford. In the end, WHI is full of health & beauty articles, so use them.

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