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I don't know if you knew it but my first language is Spanish and I think is really lovely, so here I will help you to learn new beautiful words in Spanish that you maybe don't know. (+ some photos of Spain)
Así que aquí van algunas;

♥ Inefable : something so incredible that it can not be expressed in words
♥ Limerencia : It is like an involuntary state of mind, usually happens when a person is in love, typical of the romantic attraction between people
♥ Epifanía : a moment of surprise revelation

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♥ Aurora : light dim in pink tones that appears just before sunrise
♥ Efímero : something that lasts very little time
♥ Desenlace : the resolution of a story
♥ Alma : Spanish word for soul
♥ Amor : Spanish word for love, + "te amo" means I love you.

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♥ Piedad : Feelings of compassion or mercy produced by someone who suffers
♥ Fosforescencia : Persistent luminescence of chemical origin.
"the phosphorescence of fireflies."
♥ Frenesí : Exaltation of the spirit, especially of a passion.
♥ Terciopelo : Spanish word for velvet, a soft cloth
♥ Cariño : Moderate feeling of love or affection towards a person or an animal, for which its good is expected and its company is generally desired, It is also used as an affectionate appellative to address a person

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 "No importa que no me entendáis. Que yo estoy hablando en mi lengua española, que es tan bella y noble que debería ser conocida por todo el mundo"
-Carlos I de España y V de Alemania

English translation: "It does not matter that you do not understand me, that I am speaking in my Spanish language, that it is so beautiful and noble that it should be known by everyone".

Bueno, eso ha sido todo por este artículo :) Espero que hayáis disfrutado tanto como yo, soy muy feliz compartiendo mi idioma con todos vosotros, tal vez incluso haga segunda parte, aunque, no lo aseguro ya que estoy bastante ocupada. ¡Gracias por leer!

Translation: Well, that was all for this article :) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, I am very happy sharing my language with all of you, maybe I will even do the second part, although, I can not assure you since I am quite busy. Thank you for reading!


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