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After coming back home. I stayed in my room all day and I was terrified that someone was coming for me.

The next day I woke up and I was scared to go to school but going to school was a part of my community hours while on house arrest.

So apparently the day went pretty well at school until.... There was a lock down .

All we heard in the PA was " CODE RED , CODE RED" which means active shooter on Campus.

I knew this was probably related to the dudes that was following me yesterday. All the classroom doors were locked and it was said that the shooter was already inside the school.

Everyone was scared, I sat in the corner with everyone. Some people was even crying and calling their parents. 911 was on there way.

I knew something would happen today.
We heard more shots and more.

20 minutes later we heard someone in the PA system

Unknown: We don't want any trouble, all you guys have to do is follow our directions and some of you may make it out alive.

The voice was extremely deep, it was most certainly not our principal.

Then the PA system came back again

Unknown: Your principal is dead, if you play any tricks on us or if we hear police sirens . Were coming inside the classrooms were you guys are hiding.

They knew were we were hiding! The teachers in the class ordered us out the classroom and into the gym. We had to be silent. The shooters were inside the office and the hallways were packed with kids going into the gym.

Thank goodness the office windows weren't see through. The only thing we had to worry about was to be quiet.

Once we were in the Gym. The PA system came on again..... I suddenly remembered the school had cameras therefore they saw that we were in the gym.

Unknown: We aren't stupid! How dumb can you guys be.... Were watching you on tape. So now y'all in the gym..*they start laughing*

The PA system turned on again

Unknown: We need a student by name of Nina Johnson into the office or we will shoot up this place entirely!

My heart dropped at the moment.....

To be continued
( 20+ hearts for another chapter )