In this article I will cite some things that every Girl Boss has, see:


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Persistence is very important for all people who have some goal in mind and want to achieve that goal.
Achieving something in the vast majority of the time is not easy, goes through many ways, faces challenges, but even then you can not give up, because one day you get what you've always wanted.


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Keep your goals well defined and clear, so make sure this is what you really want. After everything is done, work hard, face difficulties with your head raised, it will not be easy but if you are determined you will win the challenges and get where you want.


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Having the focus is to plan your goals, be organized and focus on your goal. But at the same time that you have focused on your goal, do not forget that you also have other important things in life, that is, make a good balance.

Self confidence

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Have confidence in yourself and very important for a Girl Boss because the safety itself makes you not give up so easy of things, with confidence you face the challenges with clarity knowing that you can go through them.

People's Advice

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People who criticize will have many. But you can also get good advice or constructive criticism that is helpful and can help. So it's good to hear people. Obejtivos is conquered with the help of other people, sometimes.


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Have creativity and know if it is necessary to reinvent and very important, the new and the different give very right. Get out of the traditional of the always and see different ways of doing the same thing.

Receiving a NO

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Receiving a NO in response is not the end of the world. Do not give up just because you had a NO in response, sometimes it does not always work, so keep your head up when something does not work and keep fighting to get a YES.

Well, I mentioned a few things, of course there are a lot more things I do if it's a Girl Boss, I mentioned just a few, but maybe I'll bring the second part.
I hope you enjoyed.

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