Day 6

▪️ Event That Fascinates Me ▪️


This is really hard challenge for me. I don't really know what has happened lately. I have been so busy with school and my mental health.

So I went to BBC:s website and I'm going to share some article and my thoughts about it.

Hawaii alert: Employee who sent missile warning reassigned

"The unnamed employee who mistakenly sent a missile alert which caused panic in the US state of Hawaii on Saturday has been temporarily reassigned to other duties, a US official has said."

When I first time heard of what has happened I was speechless. How something like that could have happen? How did it happen? Why did it happen?

If I woke up and saw some thing like that on my phone I would freak out. It would be horrible. I can't even imagine how things have been in Hawaii where it happened.

"Why was the alert sent?"

"The error occurred when, during a drill after a shift change, an employee made the wrong selection from a drop-down computer menu, picking the real-life missile alert instead of the test option, officials at Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency (EMA) said."

That is unbelievable. Why it was made so easily just to pick wrong thing. Didn't anyone think like hey, could it be possible to someone pick the wrong option and send the real message to everyone?

"To prevent a repeat, two employees are now required to activate the alert system - one to issue the warning and another to confirm it, they said."

"The agency also now has a way of issuing an immediate false-alarm notice in the event of a mistake, they added."

Well, good that they solved the problem and in the future that can't happen again.

Luckily it was just wrong message and anything didn't happen!

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