here if you didn't read the chapter one:

REBIRTH - Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a girlgroup, debuted on 2014 with 4 members Joy, Wendy, Seulgi, Irene and a single (Happiness). For their 1st comeback (Ice Cream Cake), SM added the current maknae from 99line, Yeri, completing 5 members. Their fandom is called Reveluv, which means 'have love' in a cute way. This station brings a funny classroom with a pole dance and doodles in slow motion that makes you fall in love with them hardly!

RUNNIN' - Henry X Soyou

Henry Lau is an unofficial member of Super Junior (he's only at the unit SJ-M) and a solo artist (2013 debut, Trap). Born in Canada, he can speaks 7 languages (almost 8) and play several instruments (as we saw at Real Men), highlighting his skills playing violin and piano. He also makes covers and this kinda stuff from passionate musicians. On Runnin' MV, he (plus Soyou's fluffy voice โ™ก) made a relaxing rhythm and much visual aesthetic. A good one for rainy days.


It's so hard to write about Amber Liu, because she's just an wonderful person who world's do not deserves. Her's tomboy style always breaking beauty standards with majesty, her responses to hates and her kindness with anyone. She's from f(x) and got a solo called 'Beautiful' on 2015, talking about how people could be happy in their beautiful way. For 'Borders' she did the same thing, encouraging people to lose their fears of live, telling them to be strong and live well.

ch. 3 will come soon ~ the last one!