sometimes you'll feel like everything is falling apart
and you're not alone
sometimes you'll feel like you can't go through everything by yourself
and that's normal

sometimes you're gonna have to ask for help
and that's okay
sometimes you just don't wanna see anybody
and that's more common than you think

sometimes you just feel so done with everything
and I promise that won't last forever
sometimes things go wrong
and that happens to everyone

but sometimes things take a turn for the better
and you don't have to be afraid of change
and sometimes problems seem irrelevant once you face them
and that's because you can make it through

sometimes you remember you have a spark within yourself
and it never goes out
if sometimes you're strong...
let's make that into an "always"

you can do it.

girl, flowers, and sunflower image stars, eyes, and blue image

always with joy,
elle xx