helllooo, my name is bethany and this is my first article :-)
I have so many favourite songs right now so I'm gonna share 'em.


hermitude - speak of the devil
this song has the sickest and most catchiest tune - REPLAY WORTHY

sticky fingers - caress your soul
i saw sticky fingers live and they are so dope pLS listen to this song its so coool!!

gorillaz - feel good inc
pretty old song but still groovy

tash sultana - jungle
tash is so cool and her voice is amazing

san cisco - too much time together
funky as and good vibes


$uicideboy$ - 2nd hand
love $b so much, both ruby and scrim are precious & this song is dope

pouya - daddy issues
good song, probs won't get sick of it

6 dogs - faygo dreams
6 dogs are underrated as fukkk, pls 2018, treat them right

lil peep - big city blues
makes me cry but its such a good song, rip peep ;(

yung lean - pearl fountain
cool tune, i like it


brockhampton - hottie
ok but i only recently discovered brockhampton and i actually dig - this song is cool as

rich brian - glow like dat
i have listened to this 1000 times and it's still listenable which is a good thing lol

tyler, the creator - who dat boy
tyler is a cutie and this song bangs

- bethany :)