Friends. they come and go. you'll meet many great ones in your lifetime but you'll also meet some bad ones on the way. the bad friends are the ones who can make or break you. they can either teach you a lesson or hurt you. a toxic friend can seem fine on the surface but on the inside its a volcano waiting to errupt. one only hopes someone can help change that person for the good of the "friend" and everyone around them. you can take them shopping, take them on trips, buy them lavish gifts, or even just being there for them in any sort of needs. you try your hardest to give them the best, but sometimes your hardest isnt enough. toxic friends can tire you out. they can physically, mentally, and emotionally tire you out. you give and you give and they keep sucking up all you give them until. you cant. youve given them so much and youve taken care of them youve forgotten to take care of yourself. you form a big love for them that everything that happens to them is the only thing you care about. you forget to deal with yourself and your problems. you loss track of who you really are. but then theres those friends who see your struggle and come to your rescue. who in a way become that caring friend you were to the other person. they help you regain your strength to become a better person and to bring light into your darkness. they help you regain all that energy youve lost and help you stay focused to the person that should matter the most. you. so dont forget be fa riend give help and recive help. but also dont forget to take care of yourself along the way. do whats best for you and your well being.