eleven didn't like her, not even one bit.
she huffed while staring a that girl who was laughing at mike's jokes, they weren't even that funny, why was she laughing that loudly? eleven didn't understood, but it bothered her.

eleven had her arms crossed across her chest and tapped her foot in the ground, they were supposed to spend time with the band, but they came earlier to spend a little time alone, because it's nice to just hold hands and talk about the clouds without a very loud dustin and a sometimes annoying lucas, but max had to arrive early as well.. eleven wasn't happy at all. she knew max and lucas had... something going on, she saw them in the ball really close and even sharing a kiss, but still, she didn't like her. she made her feel something in her tummy that she didn't understand, it burned and it was unconfortable and sometimes kinda made her want to cry and hide mike away from her.

apparentely max tried to joke with her, but she wasn't paying attention so she just stared at her and shruged, then she just looked somewhere else that it wasn't her face, it was being too obvious that she didn't like her? it's just that... she remembers that time when she saw them together in the school gym and it stills bothers her... but she hasn't discussed it with mike yet... actually, mike doesn't even know that eleven was there that day, she should tell him someday, not today though.

mike scrunched his lips when he saw eleven reaction and sighed, he didin't know what to do. in his defense, he didn't wanted max to be in their little gang, but noow she's kinda lucas's girlfriend, and she's pretty added to them since she knows all the crazy stuff that has been happening. it's just that eleven got this insane rejection towards the girl, that he didn't understand, and he would never, so maybe he should just ignore it.

max noticied, oh hell yeah she did, it was almost impossible not to and she wasn't bothered.. obviously, not at all, no of course... ok she's using sarcasm, she's bothered. she's have tried EVERYTHING but nothing worked with this curly head girl who just listened to mike and invested her time in eating eggos, max just wanted to feel like she fitted in, she's have heard so much about eleven, and she wanted to be her friend so bad... she didn't understood why that girl was being so angry with her, so she stood up and said goodbye to them. she needed to figure out how to be her friend

mike looked at eleven with a little frown and sighed, took her hand in his and just stared at her "el, you should give her a chance, like.. why do you hate her so much?"

"i don't hate her"

"yea sur-"

a kiss in his cheek stopped him from talking and he just sighed and smiled a little, he knew she didn't want to keep talking about that ginger head, she laughed a lil' and snuggled herself into mike's chest while watching some movie that was playing in the tv.


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