• the end of the f***ing world

"that was the day i learned silence could be really loud."

series, netflix, and alex lawther image 80s, 90s, and alternative image netflix, alex lawther, and jessica barden image teotfw and girl image
not a film but close enough
  • moonrise kingdom

"it's not actually meant for a male to wear but i don't give a damn."

moonrise kingdom, wes anderson, and vintage image cat, beach, and vintage image moonrise kingdom, vintage, and movie image kiss, moonrise kingdom, and movie image
  • coraline

"be wise. be brave. be tricky."

coraline, house, and pink image coraline and movie image coraline, theme, and dark image coraline, gif, and laika image
  • lady bird

"I found when it happened that I really like dry humping more."

couple, gif, and happy image lady bird, Saoirse Ronan, and best friends image lady bird, timothee chalamet, and ladybird image movie image
  • 500 days of summer

"Some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but not be together."

500 Days of Summer, zooey deschanel, and couple image 500 Days of Summer, zooey deschanel, and movie image 500 Days of Summer image 500 Days of Summer, couple, and movie image
  • the craft

"we are the weirdos, mister."

The Craft, movie, and Nancy image fairuza balk and The Craft image witch image girl, grunge, and The Craft image
  • submarine

"she never speaks about herself. she could be anything."

cute, sparklers, and submarine image tumblr, memories, and photo image submarine, sunset, and beach image submarine, kiss, and couple image
  • girl, interrupted

"Lisa thinks she's hot shit because she's a sociopath."

Angelina Jolie, winona ryder, and girl interrupted image Angelina Jolie, girl interrupted, and movie image girl interrupted, Angelina Jolie, and idiot image Image by angel
  • Ruby Sparks

"im such a mess."
"i love your mess."

ruby sparks, paul dano, and Zoe Kazan image games, gif, and goals image couple, car, and film image 2012 and ruby sparks image
  • captain fantastic

"My face is mine, my hands are mine, my mouth is mine, but I'm not. I'm yours."

captain fantastic image captain fantastic, george mackay, and how i live now image celebration, dance, and family image aesthetic, family, and green image

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