Prep an elaborated meal/snack

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put some effort on it and try to make it eye-appealing, it will immediately lift your mood

Or go outside to eat

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by saying eat outside i don't mean just in a restaurant, try a picnic or picking some food and eat it in the car, spice it up!

Take photos

disney, polaroid, and photography image night, city, and light image
either a selfie or a landscape

Treat your skin and hair

if you don't have the products, look for some diy's!

Go window shopping / shopping

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Write your own article ♡

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Create your own playlist

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themed or not, it's fun! and, if you are a musician or like to play music, write your own ♡

Add your friends to these activities

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That's all ❃ hope you enjoy your day and this article is useful. thanks for reading! (credits to: @The_Pixza_Girl and @Miris_Sr)