Soo here we´ll see a short preview of the new year. The recent year was terrifing, horrible, but still amazing and adventerous. I travelled a lot with friends and with my famillie. I tried lots of new things, I got better in what I´m doing.
But still I´m more and more afraid about my future with every new year. I´m sure that a lot of you guys out there are feeling the same way.
That´s why I tried to make the best out of the last year and I´ll try to become the next one even more memoriable.
And the next one will definitely be surprassing the last year. In this article I´ll tell you my travelling destinations to make this year the best I ever experienced.

  • Austria
Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
skiing with my fam: a week full of snow and hot chocolat
  • England
Big Ben Big Ben Superthumb Superthumb
schooltrip to England: visiting London, Cambridg, York and many other beautiful old cities
  • Netherlands
Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
visiting the Netherlands with my familie during my summer break:
  • Spain
madrid Superthumb
this summer I´ll be going to Spain with my dear friends; will be a memorable adventure (;
  • and some roadtrips
beach car adventure plants
with my best friends again :) last year we visited a big city in france with an beautiful cathedral; this years roadtrips aren´t planned yet but there will be lots of ´em