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As continuation of the part 1 I would like to write the rest of my tips โ™ฅ

I hope that you find this article helpful ^_^
  • 7. *Save some money*
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I know this seems a little strange but if you actually start saving some money for your dreams it would make you so much more motivated and you would feel the need to actually find the money and use it for your personal goals. It doesn't have to be huge amounts of money just small amounts weekly or monthly!
  • 8. *Visit inspirational sites*
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By visiting inspirational sites daily will be boosted to live your life with passionโ™ฅ These sites not only contitue a great source of inspiration but also help you get a litlle bit more organised and take tones of ideas about literally everything. My personal favorites are: We Heart It _(obviously)_, Tumblr _(a great site for getting this tumblr feeling)_ and Pinterest _(a great way to find different sources for what you wanna search)_
  • 9. * Write down what you achieve*
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Writing what you want to achieve and what you have already achieve will help you uderstand what you really want to do in your life and will make you so happy when you accomplish them ;)

10. Always try to be your own competitor*

Always remember who you were, who you are and who you wanna be! You are your only real competitor! Stop worrying about what other people do or say, stop judging the others, use your time and your energy to focus on yourself! Do something creative, something that makes you happy, something that will make you feel fullfilled later! And always rember to be the best version of yourself!

Ok sweethearts โ™ฅ That was all I had for you today โ™ฅ Hope you had a great and inspirational time reading my article โ™ฅ Set goals and accomplish them โ™ฅ Do not let time pass without taking advantage of it โ™ฅ

I am here for you and I 100% trust you =)
You can do whatever you want =)
You are beautiful and your life matters a lot =)
Stop worrying and work on yourself, with yourself, by yourself =)
Don't let others distract you from you main goal: *YOU!!!*

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