Why does it have to be your boyfriends all the time thinking and planning for the special night? Let's change it this time and you plan your exceptional night by yourself and surprise your boyfriend.

After getting inspired by the article "WHAT TO WEAR TO A DATE." The article is below, you should definitely check it out and show some love by hearting it.

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25 ideas for date nights.

  • Start a new tradition.
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  • Go to a local fair or festival.
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  • Attend an outdoor concert. 
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  • Take a (mini) road trip.
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  • Plan a picnic.
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  • Troll for photobooths.
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  • Take a boxing class together.
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  • Learn to dance.
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  • Bake a cake.
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  • Take a hike.
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  • Have a five-course dinner at different places.
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  • Go swimming.
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  • Do something neither of you has done before.
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  • Walk to dinner.
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  • Attend a free concert in the park.
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  • Go out for breakfast or brunch at a restaurant you've been meaning to try.
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  • Eat takeout by candlelight.
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  • Movie night at home.
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  • A hotel night.
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  • Walk On The Beach.
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  • Beach Bonfire.
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  • Go, Bowling.
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  • Go to a Roller Rink.
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  • Have a Board Game Night.
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