I realized that there are sad people all over the world who don't know how to appreciate themselves. This article contains tips to live a better life. Without further do, let's get into the article.

Tip #1 : Know how to control emotions
-this may sound hard, but if you have faith you can do it
If you feel you have to cry, then cry. Never hide your emotions. It's not worth it. Talk with your family, siblings (if you have), or close friends about what you think/feel. You'll feel much better after sharing your emotions with someone close to you.
-if you feel you have to laugh, then laugh. Laughter is healthy for you.

Tip #2 : Love yourself
-you have to know how to love yourself, because your body is going to be yours the rest of your life.
There is no perfection in this world, everyone has strenghts and weaknesses. In life, you learn from your own mistakes so don't be afraid to show yourself. Everybody is unique and different.

Tip #3 : Think healthy
-Don't be afraid to make any decision, as I said before, you learn from your own mistakes. The RULE is :ALWAYS Think TWICE Before You Do Anything! , so you can avoid any bad situations. It's better to be cautious to avoid unpleasant situations.

Tip #4 : Protect yourself
Protect yourself from things, people or habits that break you down or make you unwilling to dream. Take yourself away from anything that hinders you from your inner strength and imagination.

This all I could do for now, I will make a PART TWO if I see you guys liked it. You can always message me with ideas for the part two or for another article

StAy AwEsOmE and SwEeT!
Have a nice day!