Hey so i thought since i love a good one theme aesthetic Instagram feed why not share 5 filters that you can use to get that Instagram model feed.

this one is great for a minimalist, someone who lives in a city, or someone who incorporates a lot of wood tones and light neutrals.
Contrast +2
Saturation -2
temperature -4

beach beach

This one is great for someone who uses a lot of golden or warm neutrals, also great if u post a lot of pictures incorporating the beach or water, its also great for that light hazy like look.
Exposure -1
Shadows orange: 6
Saturation -3

beauty makeup

This one is great if your feed is a lot of bubblegum shaded colors so bubblegum pink and baby blue, so lots of sunsets, and beaches would look good with this. Also whites pop with this against other bright colors.
Exposure +1
Temperature -1
Saturation +1
Fade +1 or +2

rose Superthumb

This one is great if you have a lot of black, grey, and white tones. this is almost a charcoal setting to add to your picture. it makes black and white look richer and deeper with color.
Highlights +4
Exposure +2
Contrast -1

beauty girl

This ones great for brightening colors whether there dull or not. greens and red especialls look good. This is great if you have a tropical/bright color theme. Also food looks amazing with this.

Filter/Preset: A6
Contrast +2
Highlights +6
Temperature -1
Fade +6

beach beach

Hope this helped your insta feed.