Intrigued by the title? Good. Everyone wants to have whatever they want and what if I told you that it IS possible?

Welcome to the theory of the Law Of Attraction where you can attract whatever you want just by believing.

Here is how it works:

1. Ask

bujo, bullet journal, and journal image
manifest into a journal

Ask the universe, or God, for what you want and be super specific. For example:

Dear God/Universe, i want to get an A* in my biology exam to help me get into [name] university.

Make sure you are clear on what you want and ask once a day to God or the universe. If you aren't clear and say you want an A*, it could be in any subject, so always specify.

2. Believe

Image by Traceyanne McCartney
act ike you already have what you want

To act like you already have what you want, you need to pretend you are in the present tense. If you want to be rich, act rich. If you want to be happy, act happy. If you want to have good health, act like you already have good health. You attract whatever vibes you send out.

You can use the 17 seconds rule by Abraham Hick: think about your dream and imagine you have achieved it for 17 seconds twice, when you wake up and when you go bed. This will then go into your subconcious mind and you will achieve it.

Research shows that if your brain believes it you'll hardly go anywhere. But, if your heart believes it, it sends out 5000 times more powerful wavelength that will attract whatever it is that you want.


3. Gratitude

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keep a gratitude diary

Be grateful for one thing every day and note it down. Truly be grateful and believe in it. The more grateful you are the more God/Universe will give you what you want.

4. Receive

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receive your dreams

Whether it is to get rich, buy your dream house, have a text from someone or simply just to be happy, you will receive it providing you have followed the steps above.

DISCLAIMER: patience is key, different dreams take different amounts of time to happen and the law of attraction is not known to work overnight. Just doing all of this is not enough, you must physically work towards your goal, not just mentally. For example you can't manifest to get an A* if you aren't going to revise.

Let me know if you want more articles on the law of attraction and if you want to know my personal stories where it has worked for me like a miracle !!