• Use a primer instead of only using a facecream. First facecream, and then a primer. Your makeup will last much longer and it will not look as "melting" or messy. The primer evens out your skin and your skintone. If you use a foundation, the primer will make it stick much better to your face.
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  • I like using beuty blenders rather than a brush. With a beuty blender it looks more natural and not too much. When I used to apply my foundation with a brush, I always ended up with these "brush marks". I would rather recommend using a beuty blender or your fingers.
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  • When using eyeshadow, it is really important to make sure you've blended it well. It does not look good if your eyeshadow has hard lines or are uneven. By using a bigger blending brush, your eyeshadow will blend easier on your eyelid. (But it will also blend your eyeshadow onto a bigger area on your eye).
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  • Do not put too much mascara on! It looks ugly if your mascara gets clumpy. I like to wear only one layer because it looks more natural and smooth. If you want more dramatic eyes you could get a pair of fake lashes.
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  • If you like doing contour, make sure your contouring is not too strong. By using a beuty blender or your fingers the contour will look more smooth and delightful. Use small amount of color at first, and build the contour up, little by little. By doing that, you have more control and can stop just in time.
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