This is a new "thing" that I wanna do. Every Week, or day, I'll write an article about an Artist who's underrated or not popular. I'm not sure if this is already a thing on WHI. But I hope it doesn't.

Goody Grace

  • Facts:

Name: Goody Grace
Birthday: June 19, 1997
Birthsign: Gemini
Has a dog named Nala
Big fan of Twilight and Vampires
Close friends with Khalid and Jesse Rutherford

Goody is a pop singer and songwriter from Canada who's also known from the songs Memorie$ with Jesse Rutherford and Two Shots with Gnash. Two Shots has over 10 million streams on Spotify
He's also part of The Lonely Players Club which was formed by him, Gnash, Rosa Beales and 4e in Palm Springs, California. He taught himself, during 6th grade, how to produce and record. Goody was on The Hype Tour with Hoodie Allen in November and December 2017. At the roxy he sould out his first headline show.

  • Funfacts:
He doesn't like it when cities don't have good geofilters on Snapchat
His favorite cities are LA, Toronto,Portland and NYC
Goody Grace prefers Apple over Android
  • Songlist:

Girls In The Suburb Singing Smith's Songs (2016)
Memories (2015)
Two Shots (2016)
Memorie$ (2016)
Pretend (2016)
So, What Does This All Mean? (2016)
April (2017)
Strange Times (2017)

  • EP:

Infinite (2018)

  • My Opinion:

To me it seems that he's not like other artists in his genre. He's special. His songs have a good kind of vibe.

  • My top 3 favorite Songs:

1. Memorie$
2. Girls In The Suburb Singin Smith's Songs
3. Two Shots

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